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President - Gordon Jackson, PO Box 600, Canterbury,  NH 03224, Phone (603)783-4493
Vice President - Scott Higgins, 15 Charles Lane, Eliot, ME  03903, Phone (207)439-1107
Secretary - Vince Valade, 35 Plimpton Rd., Goffstown, NH 03045, Phone 497-3935
Treasurer - Don Dallaire, 829 Candia Rd., Chester, NH 03036, Phone 483-8467

October 2004

Volume 5 Issue 2

Capital Mineral Club News

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May's Secretary

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September's  Secretary

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41st Annual CMC Mineral Show at Mt. Sunapee    Pg 4


UNH Letter of Appreciation

Other Mineral Clubs & Meeting Dates              Pg 5


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The October meeting of the CMC will meet Saturday, October 16th, at 7:30 PM  at the Salvation Army Building on Clinton Street in Concord, NH.

The Club would like to thank Bob Whitmore for speaking about collecting in Namibia at the September club meeting.

Our speaker for the October meeting is Steffen Hermanns and he will be doing a presentation on his trip to Arizona.  Mineral of the month will be Minerals of Arizona.

Refreshments will be provided by Jon Herndon.

Volunteers are still needed for our annual Gem and Mineral Festival at Mt. Sunapee.  Please contact Gordon Graham, Chairman, at 603-763-3129 to help with this event.  Efforts are truly appreciated!  See more info on page 4.

 The Long Awaited PALERMO BOOK is NOW available!

Over 200 pages of history and mineralogy of the famous Palermo Phosphate Pegmatite Mines located in North Groton, New Hampshire. This book contains over 130 mineral illustrations by Frederick C. Wilda.

 A number of the phosphate species have never been shown in print before. All minerals have been illustrated to aid field collectors in the identification of species.

This Book is a must for the serious collector!
"The Pegmatite Mines Known as PALERMO"
Written and Published by Robert W. Whitmore and Robert Lawrence

 Bob is offering Clubs a 15% discount on the Palermo book when purchasing 5 or more books.  That is a $22.50 savings off the cover price, so your cost would be $127.50 through the club.  We had three members sign up at the last meeting, so we need 2 more.  The book is impressive and I think you too will agree.

Bob Whitmore will have copies of his Palermo book to sell at the show and at the club meeting.





Welcome our newest Club Member


Andrea Vannah of Auburn, NH