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President - Bill Brown, PO Box 646, 3 Melody Lane, Raymond NH 03077, Phone 895-4157
Vice President - Howard Ewing 10 Judith Ave, Nashua, NH 03060, Phone 888-0835
Secretary - Vince Valade, 35 Plimpton Rd., Goffstown, NH 03045, Phone 497-3935
Treasurer - Don Dallaire, 829 Candia Rd., Chester, NH 03036, Phone 483-8467

May 2002

Volume 2 Issue 9

Capital Mineral Club News

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2001 Collectors Award    Pg 2

By James Tovey


NEFTA fieldtrips             Pg 4


Presidents Letter              


In Memorandum

Greg Bougie         


CMC fieldtrips - 2002


Calendar of Events           Pg5

CMC Monthly Meeting Date Change!

The May meeting of the CMC will be held at the usual place, the Salvation Army Building on Clinton Street . Instead of the meeting date being the second Saturday of the month, it will be held on the 3rd Saturday of the month, May 18th, at 7:30pm.

This will be for the month of May only


The guest speaker will be Bob Whitmore. He will be showing a slide presentation on his trip to Madagascar, 2001. Scott Higgins will provide refreshments.

The Club would like to thank Gordon and Pam Jackson for holding Aprils workshop at their house, it was a big success and hope to have one every year. There was also a great assortment of food that members brought and enjoyed.



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DEADLINE for submissions is the 3rd Saturday of every month. Late submissions will be carried over to the next month.


My address can be found on the back page of the monthly newsletter.



Part II

The Cullinan

The largest diamond ever found was 3,106 carats in the rough and originally weighed just under one and a half pounds. The Cullinan was cut into 9 major stones and 96 smaller stones. The Cullinan Diamond was the largest gem-quality diamond ever discovered, it weighed a whopping 3,106 carats, that is equivalent to one and one-third pounds. It was found in 1907, and here's how. A superintendent thought his co-workers were playing around by putting a large piece of glass on the top edge of the mine pit. Before picking it up, he looked around to see if anyone was waiting for him to fall for their trick, he did not see any one, so he picked up what he thought was glass. This piece of glass turned out to be the world's largest diamond. The Transvall Government bought the diamond, which was presented to King Edward VII on his 66th birthday. The rough diamond was insured for $1,250,000. when it was sent to Asscher's Diamond Company to be cut. A heavy steel blade shattered on the first attempt to cut the diamond. On the second attempt the diamond fell apart- - - exactly as planned. It was reported that the diamond cutter fainted shortly after

Next Months Diamond – The Hope


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