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President - Bill Brown, PO Box 6446, 3 Melody Lane, Raymond NH 03077, Phone 895-4157
Vice President - Howard Ewing 10 Judith Ave, Nashua, NH 03060, Phone 888-0835
Secretary - Vince Valade, 35 Plimpton Rd., Goffstown, NH 03045, Phone 497-3935
Treasurer - Don Dallaire, 829 Candia Rd., Chester, NH 03036, Phone 483-8467

February 2003

Volume 3 Issue 6

Capital Mineral Club News

Inside this Issue


Please note A CLUB MEETING TIME CHANGE for the months of

January, February and March:

1:30PM – Second Saturday of those 3 Months only


The web version of this month's newsletter will be slightly different than the hard copy.


The CMC will meet Saturday, Feb. 8th at 1:30 PM at the Salvation Army Building on Clinton Street in Concord, NH.

Our guest speaker for the February meeting is Bill Brown. His topic will be Minerals of New England and Mineral Localities of New England.

The mineral of the month will be Minerals of New England. Anyone who would like to donate a mineral specimen to the club raffle please bring it with you.

Refreshments this month will be provided by Steffen Hermanns.

Last month we had a vote for the best story of the year, the results of this vote is mentioned in the secretary’s report. The club would like to thank all the writers that participated and help support our newsletter.

The writing contest will be an on-going competition, so if you have a story related to the field of mineralogy or similar interests please join in, our club members would love to see what others are up to.

The rules are simple:

Story must be written by a club member

Story must be self written

Story must somehow relate to the mineral hobby

Story should be at least one and no more than four typed pages



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Editor's Notes:


The deadline to get info to me for publication will be the 3rd Saturday of every month.


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The 2003 DUES ARE DUE. The dues are $5 single, $8 couple, $10 family, and $2 junior. To keep records straight and make it simple for Vince Valade who collects the dues and Don Dallaire who handles the money, give either person a check in the amount of your dues. If you recently joined the Club your 2003 dues may already be paid.

If you have any questions please call Vince Valade at 497-3935.