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President - Scott Higgins, 15 Charles Lane, Eliot, ME 03903, Phone (207) 439-1107

Vice President  - Martin Kippley, 6 General Sullivan Way, Rollinsford, NH 03869, Phone (603)743-1881

Secretary - Vince Valade, 35 Plimpton Rd., Goffstown, NH 03045, Phone 497-3935

Treasurer - Don Dallaire, 829 Candia Rd., Chester, NH 03036, Phone 483-8467

December 2005

Volume 6 Issue 4

Capital Mineral Club News

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November Minutes         Pg 2


Field Colleting & Creative Lapidary Awards             Pg 3


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Welcome New Club Member 

Suzanne Wall

Lawrence, MA

The December meeting of the CMC will be held on Saturday, December 10th, at 12:00 PM.  PLEASE NOTE THE TIME CHANGE.  The meeting location will be the Salvation Army Building on Clinton Street in Concord, NH for:

The CMC Annual Christmas Party

Plan to join us for great food and great company, both of which guarantee a wonderful time had by all.  Hope to see you there!!!

See pages 3 and 4 for more Christmas Party info!


The club would like to thank both Professor Jo Laird and Professor Wally Bothner for their talk about the history and future of the geology program at UNH.


Thanks to Scott Higgins for bringing refreshments to the November Meeting


There will be no Directors meeting or Business meeting in December.


December's Birthstone is Zircon.

ZIRCON. Its name is probably derived from the Arabic words "zar" and "gun", meaning "gold" and "color". The gemstone is found in a wide range of colors, and possess great brilliance, fire and clarity.

Zircon was regarded as the amulet for travelers in the Eleventh century, protecting them from disease, injury, and insomnia, as well as assuring a cordial welcome wherever their travels would take them. The gem was also believed to hold magic powers to fight evil spirits. During the Fourteenth century, zircon was popular as a safeguard against the Black Death, the great plague that wiped out one quarter of the population of Europe. The stone was believed to possess healing powers. It was prescribed to insomniacs to induce sleep, used as an antidote against poison, and as an aid to digestion.

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