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President - Bill Brown, PO Box 646, 3 Melody Lane, Raymond NH 03077, Phone 895-4157
Vice President - Howard Ewing 10 Judith Ave, Nashua, NH 03060, Phone 888-0835
Secretary - Vince Valade, 35 Plimpton Rd., Goffstown, NH 03045, Phone 497-3935
Treasurer - Don Dallaire, 829 Candia Rd., Chester, NH 03036, Phone 483-8467

December 2002

Volume 3 Issue 4

Capital Mineral Club News

Inside this Issue:    


November Minutes     Pg 2

Jubilee Diamond         Pg 3

(con't. from pg. 1)

Other Mineral Clubs 

and Meeting Dates


Christmas Party          Pg 4


Field Collecting and    Pg 5

Creative Lapidary Rules


2002 Last Hurrah       Pg 6-7

by Pat Barker


Calendar of Events     Pg 8


The December meeting of the CMC will meet Saturday, December 14th, at 3:30 PM at the Salvation Army Building on Clinton Street in Concord, NH.

The club would like to thank Andy Fuller for his very interesting presentation on his trip to Ireland at the November club meeting. Andy was this yearís UNH Field Camp scholarship recipient. Congratulations Andy!

Thanks to Robin Edgewood-Reece for bringing refreshments.


The CMC annual Christmas Party will be held this month!!

Plan to join us for great food and great company, both of which guarantee a wonderful time had by all. Hope to see you there!!!

See pages 4 and 5 for more Christmas Party info!



All submissions to the newsletter welcome !

DEADLINE for submissions is the 3rd Saturday of every month. Late submissions will be carried over to the next month.

My address can be found on the back page of the monthly newsletter.


Diamonds Part VI

The Jubilee

This colorless, oval, cushion-cut diamond weighing 245.35 carats, was cut from an original rough stone, weighing 650.80 carats. It was found in the Jagersfontein mine towards the winter of 1895. A group of London merchants comprising the firms Wernher, Beit & Co., Barnato Bros and Mosenthal Sons & Co., bought the Jubilee together with Excelsior.

At first the stone was named the Reitz in honor of Francis William Reitz,

con't. on pg. 3


Stereo Microscope

Contact Information:

Scott Higgins