55 BlueJay
Wholesale and retail sales of jewelry, crystals and mineral specimens.

28 Cardinal Minerals
Cardinal Minerals
Cardinal Minerals sells mineral specimens of all sizes but specializes in thumbnails (one inch or smaller). we also carry assorted animal carvings, eggs and spheres and agate slabs. Huntington, CT

46 Crystal Cache Minerals
Crystal Cache Minerals
Crystal Cache Minerals, founded in 1995 by Rose and Warren Fisher, is a retail business offering crystals and minerals for the collector and for the metaphysical community. Rose and Warren continued their collecting hobby throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Our inventory includes specimens from locations in the Northeast (some closed), North America, South America, Africa, Australia, and Europe. New quality specimens are continually offered. We also have our lapidary arts and our designer jewelry made from natural minerals.

21 Earth Echoes Crystals
Earth Echoes Crystals
We invite you to visit our display at the Mineral Club annual Festival. If we had a motto it would be: PLEASE TOUCH. This is a playground for adults and for supervised children., for the beginning collector eager to learn, and for practitioners from the Metaphysical community. Our founder Bill Adams and his Brasilian wife Marilia live and travel in mineral rich Minas Gerais State, seeking carefully collected and often unique specimens, mostly in the Quartz family, such as the green quartz known as Prasiolite. This Festival is the only retail venue where we exhibit to the public.

50 Eccentricities
PH Collectables is based on 25 years experience in antiques, fine colored stones and jewelry. My background represents professional design and artwork, marketing in advertising, and management of antique stores. Many years of knowledge and a great appreciation of beautiful items with extensive traveling allows me to bring quality items for your review. I have been a professional colored stone dealer for over 2 decades. Rensselaerville, NY

36 Ewing's Lapidary
Ewing's Lapidary
I have been cutting gems for 40 years. Starting as a hobby, and later became a dealer. We cut a variety of gem materials as cabs and faceted stones for our own inventory and other collectors. Our inventory includes a variety of cabs, faceted stones, settings of Sterling and Gold, and minerals ranging from low to midrange prices. We have been dealers in several yearly Gem and Mineral shows in the New England area for twenty one years. We try to offer new materials each year, we especially are interested in New England minerals.
Nashua, NH

25 Fowler's Wire Wrapping
Fowler's Wire Wrapping
My work has been around for 35 years, but I have lost count of time. I was nominated into the Jeweler's Hall of Fame in South Dakota. My wife Selina and I did shows on West Coast Santa Monica up to Seattle and Dallas, to Houston and across to the east coast. We did 50 shows per year. I am down to only 35 shows now, as I am in my seventies. If you want good work and the best materials, I can handle it.

17 Gold-N-Gems
Merrimack, NH

13 Green Mountain Minerals
Green Mountain Minerals
Working in a retail jewelry store, and going to Tucson in the early eighties to buy product, ignited my love for gemstones, and minerals. We probably explored 80-90% of all the old mines in Northern NY, Southern Quebec, Maine, NH, and Vermont. Going to Tucson every year added more product to my ever growing pile of rock. We now sell only at club shows, and try to give good value, while keeping the stock above average in quality. We make a reasonable profit from the sale of our products, but the real profit is the trust, and the friendships we have acquired through the years.

48 Howard I. Schlansker
Howard I. Schlansker
Wholesale Vendor.
Marshfield, MA

32 John W Corbin & Sons
John W Corbin & Sons
Wholesale Vendor.
Peabody, MA

27 K.M. Minerals Providing natural minerals from around the world as well as New England. Specimens for collectors of all ages and pocketbook. Gemstone carvings and object d'art for any taste.
K.M. Minerals
Providing natural minerals from around the world as well as New England. Specimens for collectors of all ages and pocketbook. Gemstone carvings and object d'art for any taste. Falmouth, ME

49 Kenneth Huang
Kenneth Huang
Wholesale Vendor.
New York, NY

52 Leellen Expressions
Leellen Expressions

35 Lets Talk Jewelry
Lets Talk Jewelry
We have a large selection of genuine stone jewelry set in Sterling Silver. We hand pick our pendants for the best quality. We also have 500 different styles of rings to choose from in sizes 5 to 10. Ann has 40 years of experiance in the jewelry business. We hope you will visit our display so we can meet you. Charlie & Ann Matthews

51 McLaughlin Fine Jewelry
McLaughlin Fine Jewelry
Jewelry artist Barbara Smith McLaughlin describes her work as "all about the stones, creating wearable art, where the keystone is her intense color awareness." Studio space is shared with her husband, Robert, a lapidary artist on the seacoast of New Hampshire. It all starts with the stones! As the lapidary artist of the team, Robert polishes cabochon gemstones ranging from Agates to Jaspers to Opal. A specific design of Barbara's will dictate the type, size and sometimes shape of stones. Bob contributes to the design, as he likes to "oversee" the piece during fabrication.

47 Michael M. Dyber Gemstone Sculptures
Michael M. Dyber Gemstone Sculptures
"My work is asymmetrical, but visually balanced" Michael M. Dyber. Since 1987, many major awards have been won internationally and nationally for gem designing. His goal is "to apply the laws of optics, to one of the oldest art forms. Go beyond what as been done. Explore the world of compositional designs. To create infinite designs."

19 Middle Earth Lapidary
Middle Earth Lapidary
Middle Earth Lapidary is dedicated to offering it's clients the finest faceting rough and colored gemstones available. Our inventory is extensive and constantly in flux as materials flow in and out. Often we have just what you are looking for or can obtain it through our vast supplier network. In addition to our line of fine faceting materials, we also offer fine faceted colored gemstones and are dealers for the Ultra Tec line of superb faceting machines.

54 Mohawk Valley Mining Co.
Mohawk Valley Mining Co.
Mohawk Valley Mining Company of Rotterdam, NY is a mobile sluicing and panning operation where rockhounds can purchase mineral rough from around the globe and actually sluice the raw materials to find fossils, arrowheads, rocks, gems and semi precious stones. You can find emrealds, rubies, sapphires, and "fools gold" as well as other popular surprises! Kids from 2-90 love panning for treasures and you will too!

38 Precision Gem Cutting
Precision Gem Cutting
Faceting gemstones for other mineral collectors has given me great satisfaction being able to transform their gem crystals or gem rough into beautiful brilliant gemstones. After sixteen years of faceting for myself and other mineral collectors, I decided to teach faceting classes for those interested in learning how gemstones are created.

42 Rock & Crystal Emporium
Rock & Crystal Emporium
Our goal is to offer quality specimens for the novice to avid collector at more affordable pricing. That was the basis that began our family trips into mineral collecting throughout the United States and Canada. This has grown into offering other related items such as Beads (mainly natural stone), finished Cabochons, Jewelry, Beaded and Wire Wrapped, Carvings, Spheres and Slabs (polished and rough cut).

29 Rocks to Gems
Rocks to Gems
John started collecting at 6, and still has the shoebox of "pretty rocks" he collected over the years that his grandmother saved. Today John is a Professional Soil Scientist. Collecting in Maine, John highlights specimens from Mt. Mica, Newry, and many more Maine locations. John has an extensive inventory of self-collected Agatized Coral from the Withlacoochee River, Florida. The cutting, polishing of these heads has been a learning experience, using multiple saws available to cut from the smallest to the largest heads. Polishing is done both by head held polishers and vibrating laps.

43 Russell Geologics
Russell Geologics
Juvenile mammoth tusk from Pleistocene epoch of the North Sea collecting area near Holland. Dr. Allan Russell Barre, MA

33 Santerre's Stones 'n Stuff Bead and Mineral Store
Santerre's Stones 'n Stuff Bead and Mineral Store
Where you will find - A unique combination of high quality beads, beading supplies, findings, gemstones, wire, finished jewelry, crystals, minerals, fossils, carvings, gift items and much more. In-house lapidary services - Drilling, Faceting, and Cabbing.

23 Scintillations
Scintillations was chosen as my company name because it means the SPARKLE, FLASH, BRILLIANT DISPLAY of gemstones. There are people who, for whatever reason, explore and dig into the earth looking for rocks, minerals, and gems. I am one of those people. I have been exploring for, digging, mining and collecting gems for over forty years. If you are an artisan, collector of unique stones, lover of jewelry, have a question, or just appreciate quality, you will not be disappointed by seeing SCINTILLATIONS.
Milford NH

34 The Collectors
The Collectors
Francestown, NH

31 The Museum Piece
The Museum Piece
Lawerence Venezia, graduate mineralogist, pattnering with Willian Metroplois, ex Harvard curator, have a combine 70+ years experience in the mineral business, wholesale, retail and mining. Buying and selling old collections, appraisals services and world wide connections dealing in quality minerals, fossils, gemstones at affordable and reasonable prices.
East Boston, MA

30 The Unique U Seek
The Unique U Seek
We use primarily sterling silver and gemstone beads to create custom jewelry and accessories. We also carry a wide variety of natural gemstone and mineral specimens, cabbing rough, and faceting rough for sale. We offer classes and parties as well, both finished jewelry parties, as well as the make 'n take type for girls day in and birthdays.

39 Toveco
Toveco is a resource company that is focused on colored gemstones from New Hampshire. The company operates and owns mineral rights to over 400 acres of property in Alstead, New Hampshire. These mines are where the company extracts gem beryl of Aquamarine, Heliodor, Golden Beryl, Smoky & Rose Quartz. These gem materials are then cut into gemstones, cabochons & beads by Toveco and contract lapidary cutters.

20 Village Silversmith
Village Silversmith
Welcome to Villagesilversmith.net, your source for rare and beautiful gemstones from around the world, mounted in exceptional one of a kind, handmade sterling silver settings. View our offerings of fine gemstone pendants, sterling silver charms and crosses, and exceptional crystal and fossil specimens.

37 Well-Arranged Molecules
Well-Arranged Molecules
Kevin Downey began collecting minerals at age 9, had his first exhibit course at an AFMLS show at age 12, and eventually financed some of his college degree by selling his collection. After studies in Geology he began a long avocation exploring, mapping, documenting and helping preserve caves, and cave minerals, worldwide. Kevin owns and runs a photographic studio specializing in advertising and commercial projects.

22 Yankee Miners
Yankee Miners
Ted Johnson