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These are the minutes of the May 17th, 2002 meeting of the Capital Mineral Club.


The meeting was held in the all purpose room of the Salvation Army Building on

Clinton Street in Concord, New Hampshire.


The meeting was called to order by President, Bill Brown at 7:30 PM. There were 28 members

and 5 guests present, (Ramona Brooks, Mike & Cassandra Chamberlin, Wally & Anita Cluett).


The secretary's report was accepted as printed in the newsletter. The treasurer's report was tabled till the September meeting.

Old Business: Jon Herndon gave a UNH Field Trip Scholarship update and brought usup to date with the NEFTA trips including the Walworth, NY Quarry trip. Bill Brown passed around a Wise Mine field trip sign up sheet and discussed the up coming trip. Martin Kippley mentioned that the Eden Mills field trips will be on the July 19 & 20 weekend and the September 20 & 21 weekend. Gordon Jackson and Bill Brown discussed whether the check had been sent for the Newry Mineral Park project. Bob Whitmore mentioned that the land and mineral rights have already been purchased for the Rice mine property by another buyer and that he will continue to pursue the mineral rights for the Springfield area.

New Business: The Gilsum Rock Swap will be on June 28th & 29th. Bill Brown mentioned that an article had been produced about mineral collecting, mines, faceting, shows and clubs in the state in the magazine "NH To Do." This year's slate of club officers were voted upon and passed. Steffen Hermanns discussed the new gram scale available through him.

This Month's refreshments were supplied by Gordon Graham and family.

The door prizes including a Palermo Quartz, Arizona Cerussite, Quebec Diopside and more were won by Charles Forsberg, Cassandra Camberlin, Ramona Brooks, Ashley Martin, Brittany Graham and Gordon Jackson (who passed his winning to one of the young members).

This month's guest speakers were Wally and Anita Cluett. A humorous talk was presented on meteorites with types, history, look a-likes and care being discussed. Many samples were passed around, including some of Gordon Jackson's "bigger but less shiny" examples. The Cluett's had many meteorites offered for sale at the meeting and have a shop in their home in Wakefield, NH.

Respectfully submitted,

Vincent Valade


Capital Mineral Club

Concord, New Hampshire